Timișoara, România

Timișoara, România



The Broken Pieces (Dedicated to the Neglected Children of Romania)

The Broken Pieces (Dedicated to the Neglected Children of Romania)
By Jennifer Harper 8/12/2012

A dark cry of despair fills the room.
An empty thought paints a shadow of gloom.
Never to know a mother’s smile, never to know her love,
Leaves a child wondering to doom.

Locked away in body and in mind like a useless tool no one to come find.
Until one day a bright light appears to wipe away the sadness and the tears.
A heart once broken in pieces from neglect through the years,
Hears a voice that calms his fears:

“Come, young one, I will heal your broken pieces,
I will mend your broken heart.
I died for you so that we will never have to part.”
This is the voice of  One who sends His servants to the most despaired at heart.

The child looks up to see a face who’s eyes are filled with such forgiveness and such grace.
Actions speak louder than words, and the actions towards this child spoke its master’s heart,:
To care for the fatherless, to love them with all of their hearts.
With pure Christ-like love a child shall never want.

With God’s pure love, all small windows for this child are closed,
All large doors are open for this child to prosper as no one would ever suppose.
Like broken pieces of shells on the sand,
God takes a neglected child in His hand and molds him with love as only He can.

Proverbs 31:8-9