Freedom: Is It Just a Piece of Paper?


Some view the US Constitution as just a piece of paper. Others know it to be more than that. While many have acted out the rights given to them (for good or bad), others still have not tasted its freedom. The same (and more so) is true with God’s Word. While some view it as just paper, those who have trusted in Christ know it to be so much more than just paper. No other pieces of paper have the power to save a man’s soul as the Word of God does. Image

Why do we view the US Constitution to be more than paper? Men have died to protect it and to share it with other countries. We should view God’s Word more than the Constitution for the very One Who sent His only Son to die for our sins -and lives-empowers His Word with life and freedom from our chains of sin.

One of the most beautiful correlations in our country between God and the USA is this: they both accept immigrants from the enemy. USA accepts the immigration of those from enemy countries providing freedom to them from the very oppression that the USA is against. God, through His Son, accepts “immigrants” from the greatest enemy of all- our sin nature. In fact, He takes it a step further and adopts us as His own!

Freedom to make one’s own choices is an honor to any new immigrant to the USA and to any Imageseasoned American. There are many freedoms to choose from to exercise. While some are beneficial to the individual and others beneficial to society as a whole, there are some “freedoms” that are not freedom at all.

Satan wants mankind to believe that freedom is making as many decisions as they want based on their own preferences and emotions. He tells mankind that the one decision that does give them freedom is the wrong decision. Neither Mitt Romney nor President Obama have the answers for America. While to the voter there is a clear choice to make as to which one is better, both are respecter of persons. There is only One who accepts all that come to Him. Jesus said that He, ” came not into he world to condemn to world, but to seek and to save that which was lost.”. Lost from what? Lost from the fellowship of God the Creator. The thief on the Cross, the Roman Centurion, and the woman at the well all came from different ethic and cultural backgrounds and each were granted freedom in Christ by Jesus Christ Himself. 

True freedom cannot be found in governments, kings, land, or wealth. True freedom cannot be given by mankind. Mankind can only receive true freedom from the Lord Jesus Christ. Found on the very pieces of paper that make up the Bible are Words that Grant freedom and eternal life. While the US Constitution is a strong and powerful document, it’s pieces of paper that can be changed at will by mankind. Unlike the US Constitution, the pieces of paper that make up the Bible will never be changed.
When it comes to a piece or pieces of paper, freedom is loose-leafed when mankind is in charge. Those immigrants to the USA from unstable countries where freedom is only pieces of paper cannot fathom why Americans have died defending the US Constitution. To us it is our very being and thread that has woven our American lives. However, the paper that makes up the US Constitution cannot be compared to those that act as a bed and vehicle for the very Words of God. God does not need paper for His Words to preserve the freedom that He grants to all who trust in Jesus Christ. For the Words that rest on mere pieces of paper flow into mankind’s heart granting him eternal freedom that cannot be changed or taken away by wars or by the will of man.



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