Best Friends Do Exist: A Birthday Tribute

A very lonely young girl once prayed, “Lord, please give me a best friend on this earth that will help me to serve you, that will cheer me on a cloudy day, that I will be able to depend on in the roughest of times, and that will love me despite my faults.”.

Little did this eleven year old girl know how long it would be before she truly had a best friend. Years went by mingled with joy and grief. Tears fell, trials passed, and yet this young girl remained true to her Savior despite the odds.

As the young girl grew she eventually went to a major university. Sure she made good friendships that still are lasting to today’s present time, but those friendships weren’t exactly what she was seeking to fulfill her idea of a best friend.

Some time passed with joy and enthusiasm. Some friends came and gone and some stayed; and little did the girl know that the green-sweater fellow who sat next to her in Chapel was to be her best friend created by God just for her. The two were parted for a short while to let growing and other such maturing take place, and then one Fall night at a soccer game her prayer was finally answered.

Yes, of course this girl is me, and I CANNOT imagine my life without the love of my life and my best friend, Jonathan. God answered my prayer with so much more that I could ever imagine. Who knew that the silly kid with the cheap sunglasses was so special, amazingly patient, unfailingly kind, and incredibly handsome. Even though I did not truly understand what I prayed for as a child, God knew how to fulfill what I was asking for.

I love you, crazy Jonathan Harper! Happy Birthday!


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