Teaching English in China: My Experience

In the Summer of 2005 I took a trip with other students from Bob Jones University to Shanghai, China to teach English for 6 weeks at Shanghai Medical University. Never in my life did I imagine that God would allow me to journey to such a wonderful place with such wonderful people. I learned a lot while I was there, and I made many new friends.

The things that I learned the most were patience, culture, and the spiritual needs of the Chines people.

I learned patience from my students. At times it was very frustrating to make the students understand what I was teaching them in English, but in the end God worked it out for the better.

I learned the culture through the time I spent with each of my students. They kindly invited me into their homes, showed me their favorite parts of the city, and took me shopping. (NO, I did not buy the head-dress you see in the picture. I just tried it on.)

Most important of all I learned that the people of China do not know who Jesus Christ is. In the U.S. we hear His name used many times in one day–improperly and properly. A Chinese person can tell you that they have never even heard His name. They do not know who He is, and they do not have a relationship with Him? What about you? Do you know Jesus?

China will always have a special place in my heart. What I have learned and the memories that I hold will always be with me.

Tell me about the places that you have been to and what you have learned from them.


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